Sex Offender Questions

  • Who must register as a sex offender?
  • What do the "Tiers" mean regarding sex offender classifications?
  • When Does Registration Occur?
  • How Long Does Registration Last?
  • Why Would a Registrant Be Removed From the Sex Offender Registry?
  • What Does a Registration Statement Contain?
  • What Happens If a Registrant Changes Address?
  • What Happens If a Registrant Doesn't Register?
  • What are a Registrant's Responsibilities?
  • What about Individuals Who Move into Maryland?
  • Do Non-Residents Have to Register?
  • What Does "Release" Mean in This Law?
  • Who May Obtain Registration Statements or Registration Information?
  • Are There Any Restrictions on Where a Sex Offender Can Live?
  • Where Can I Get Help if my Child or I Have Been a Victim of Sexual Assault?
  • Where Can I Get a Copy of Maryland's Sex Offender Registration Law?