• I have full custody of my child, and my spouse will not return him. What can I do

    The Caroline County Sheriff's Office and its Deputies CAN NOT get involved in child custody disputes. Even if there is a court order in place stating that a certain parent is to have the child. We are barred by law to intervien and take custody of the child to return them to you.

    Some times in protective orders, the court commissioner will give custody of the minor child to the petitioner. This is enforcable and Deputies will take the child away from the party and return them as ordered by the court. In addition, the party that refused to transfer the minor child WILL be arrested for violation of a protective order and prosecuted for same.

    The only person that can make decisions and custody actions regarding Circuit Court child custoday orders are the judges of the Circuit Court and/or the Family Court Master. If you call the Sheriff's Office for us to take action, we will refer you to the Circuit Court/Master to file a violation of the court order.

    Created on 21/06/2012 in Child Custody Questions