• What can I do about a dog or other animal running loose in my neighborhood

    To report incidents involving animals call 410-820-1600; the Caroline County Human Society, which is the designated animal control authority for the county. If it is after hours, please contact the Caroline County Sheriff's Office and ask the dispatcher to contact the on-call animal control officer who will further assist you. If an animal appears to be a threat to the safety of an individual dial 911 and ask for both a Caroline County Animal Control officer and a police officer. Both will be dispatch to assist you immeadiatly.

    It is important to remember that our Deputy Sheriff's are "LAW ENFORCEMENT" professionals, not animal control professionals. Our deputies are not equiped or trained to deal with animals, and will not be dispatched to an animal complaint unless it is a traffic hazzard or a threatning situation. Even then, an animal control officer WILL be dispatched to take control of the situation with their training and/or issued equipment.

    Created on 21/06/2012 in Animal Complaint Questions