• I received a traffic ticket and I don't think it is fair. What can I do?

    If you received a traffic ticket and you feel that it was issued in error, then we encourage you to set up a hearing before a judge. To do this, do not pay the traffic ticket, the court will automatically mail you a court date within 30 days. Neither the Sheriff or his designees will void out a ticket after a Deputy issued it to you. This would be a violation of Maryland Law. If you feel that you were issued a ticket in error, or that you did not deserve said ticket, please wait till trial for you to make your case. Please be advised that if you plead NOT GUILTY at the time of your trial, under Maryland Law, any citation issued to you has a maximum fine of $500 if found guilty; unless the fine for the ticket is greater. Please make sure that you can prove your case prior to making this decision.

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Traffic Questions