• How can I report a vehicle left on the street for a long period of time?

    Call the Sheriff's Office's non-emergency number at 410-479-2515, and advise the dispatcher of the location and description of the vehicle. The factors that we use to clasify an abandoned vehicle is:

    • The vehicle is both INOPERABLE and left unattended on PUBLIC PROPERTY for more than forty-eight (48) consecutive hours, or;
    • The vehicle has remained ILLEGALLY on public property for a period of forty-eight (48) consecutive hours, or;
    • The vehicle does not have a VALID registration, license plate and has been left unattended on, or along, a public highway, or;
    • The vehicle has remained on PRIVATE PROPERTY without the consent of the property owner or person in control of the property for more than forty-eight (48) consecutive hours.

    After we receive your report and confirm the information, we are required by law to contact the vehicle's owner, inform them that their vehicle is considered abandoned, and provide them with two (2) days (48 hours) to remove the automobile from the highway before we are authorized to tow it. If, following the 2-day waiting period, the owner has not brought their vehicle into compliance with the law, the Sheriff's Office will make arrangements to have the vehicle removed.

    The Sheriffs Office uses private tow companies for the purpose of removing abandoned automobiles. Once the 2-day waiting period has lapsed, tow companies are given towing orders for automobiles that are still in violation.

    These vehicles are subsequently towed by these tow companies as their schedule permits.

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Traffic Questions