• I have been ordered by the court to get my fingerprints taken, what do I do?

    Sometimes the Caroline County Courts will order an individual to have their fingerprints taken to cateloge them with a previous arrest. To satisfy this court order, you will need to report to the Caroline County Sheriff's Office on the date and time specifed on the court order you have received from the court.

    The Sheriff's Office will already be notified of your pending fingerprinting by the courts. Please CALL FIRST to set up an appointment for the time frame that you are going to report. The phone number to contact is 410-479-4120. If you do not show in the designated time frame, the order will be returned to the court as unsatisfied and a violation of the court order my be imposed against you.

    There is NO FEE for court ordered fingerprinting. The fingerprinting is completed at the Caroline County Sheriff's Office located at 101 Gay Street, Denton, Maryland. Do not come to the Caroline County Sheriff's Office for court ordered fingerprinting if you have not been ordered to by the court. The will sometimes send you to the agency that arrested/charged you. This is why you need to contact the Sheriff's Office first to inquire if you are unsure.

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Administrative Questions