• How Long Does Registration Last?

    Different states have different lengths of sex offender registration. Maryland has 3 lengths of registration: 15 years, 25 years and life. The length of registration is determined by the sex offender's conviction.  For Maryland convictions the chart in question 1 explains which convictions carries what length of registration.

    Tier III = Lifetime Registration
    Tier II = 25 Years
    Tier I = 15 Years

    • Successful completion community supervision;
    • Successful completion of a sex offender treatment program;
    • No convictions for any sex offense; and
    • No convictions for any crime with a potential penalty of more than 1 year.

    Non-resident registrants who are working or attending school in Maryland must register for the period of time specified for the category of registration, or until the registrant's employment or student enrollment in Maryland ends (if that occurs before termination of the registration period).

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Sex Offender Questions