• What Does a Registration Statement Contain?

    A registrant's public registration statement contains the following information:

    • Name, address, and age
    • Photograph
    • Place of employment or school
    • Place of enrollment or employment at an Institution of Higher Education in Maryland
    • Registration Category: Tier I, II, or III
    • Term of registration: 15 years, 25 years, or Lifetime
    • Residency Information - Maryland resident or non-resident (student or worker)
    • A legal description of crime or crimes committed by registrant
    • A plain language description of the crime or crimes committed by the registrant
    • Dates of conviction
    • Aliases
    • Vehicle information (vehicle make, model and color; and license plate)
    • Conviction Jurisdiction (location of the state, federal, military, or tribal court where convicted and sentenced)
    Created on 29/06/2012 in Sex Offender Questions