• What Happens If a Registrant Changes Address?

    If the registrant changes address, including moving out of state, he or she is required to notify the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services in writing within three (3) days.

    If the registrant appropriately notifies the Department or the law enforcement agency where he or she has been habitually living, the Maryland Sex Offender Registry (MDSORU) will notify the new county's local law enforcement unit, the SOR unit in the new state of residence, or the designated federal unit if the registrant's conviction occurred in a federal, military, or Native American tribal court law.

    If the registrant does not notify either the Department of the local law enforcement agency a warrant for his or her arrest will be issued and is subject to penalties under the Criminal Procedure Article ยง 11-721, Annotated Code of Maryland. The MDSORU may also contact the U.S. Marshal's if it is believed the registrant absconded to another state.

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Sex Offender Questions