• Who May Obtain Registration Statements or Registration Information?

    Any member of the public may obtain a copy of an offender's registration statement as governed by State and Federal law. Maryland's law provides for the automatic dissemination of registration information. Copies of registration statements will include the registrant's photograph but will not include fingerprints, social security number, victim information, or any other information prohibited from disclosure under the law.

    The registrant's victim, or the parent or legal guardian of a victim who is a minor, is entitled to automatic notification. (Note: a victim who has filed a notification request form under Criminal Procedure Article, ยง 11-104, need not make a separate written request for a copy of the registrant's registration statement.)

    Designated local law enforcement units must also send a copy of a registration statement to an individual who makes a written request.

    Created on 29/06/2012 in Sex Offender Questions