• Is there a charge for obtaining records under the PIA?
    The PIA allows an agency to charge a “reasonable fee” for copies of public records. The Caroline County Sheriff's Office charges a fee of .50 cents per page over three pages. The fee for each copy made otherwise shall be based on the actual cost of the reproduction.
    If a person requests that a copy of a public record be certified as a true copy, an additional fee of $1 per page (or if appropriate - per item) shall be charged.
    The Sheriff's Office may also charge a reasonable fee for searching for a public record – a charge that may include the time required for locating and reviewing the record. The first two hours of search
    time are free, but an extensive search may prove time-consuming and therefore expensive. Thus, it is in both your interest and the agency’s interest to ensure that a PIA request clearly and
    accurately describes the records sought.
    Actual fee schedules may be found in the Sheriff's Office regulations and on the PIA request form. The Sheriff's Office may chose to waive fees in particular cases as determined by the Sheriff and/or his/her designee.
    Created on 15/09/2012 in Administrative Questions