Bike Patrol Unit

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office Bicycle Patrol Unit performs an important role in community policing . This non-traditional form of patrol gives deputies access to places where criminals do not expect a law enforcement presence.The use of bicycles enhances the mobility of deputies and adds a silent tactical approach to patrol. In addition to law enforcement advantages, the Bike Patrol Deputies seek to develop community relations and encourage interaction with the public. With the element of surprise, this unit will have an impact on quality of life issues as well as proactive enforcement endeavors.

Bike Patrol deputies concentrate on areas that have higher criminal activity or need additional police presence for the community. They address a wide array of law enforcement issues. The Sheriff's Bicycle Patrol Unit is most visible when people tend to be outdoors, and they often patrol at special events throughout the county such as the Caroline County Summer Fest and other municiple parades and carnivals.