Civil Process Unit

One of the most important duties of the Sheriff has always been to execute and serve the various processes issued by and for the courts of Maryland. The Sheriff shares this responsibility in the area of criminal processes with other agencies, but for civil cases and processes, the responsibility is held by the Sheriff alone.

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office Civil Process Division processes hundreds of summons, pleadings, court orders, judgments and reports per month.

These give the parties notice that the court is considering taking some type of action which has been requested by the plaintiff. Preserve the status quo: temporary and permanent restraining orders or injunctions to prevent parties from performing acts that would cause harm to other persons involved, until the matter is settled in the courts.

Contact the Clerks office with any question you may have. Once your order is received the Sheriff's office will do their best to serve your paperwork and assist with any information. The Sheriff's office charges a basic fee that is served per civil action. Contact us for more information on fees that may be required by the Sheriff's Office.