Druge Enforcment

The Caroline County Drug Task Force (CCDTF) has proven to be a valuable asset in the war against illegal drugs. The CCDTF's main responsibility is to conduct covert operations, and to apprehend persons possessing, transporting, and/or selling illegal drugs.
The CCDTF time and time again has put perpetrators on notice that dealing illegal drugs in Caroline County is not a wise decision. The CCDTF has been responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of seizures of both illegal drugs and drug dealer properties such as vehicles and/or residences.

The CCDTF also due to their covert nature has proven to be an asset in criminal investigations as well. The CCDTF has assisted with many criminal investigations, mostly as a surveillance unit in operations dealing with incidents ranging from homicides to thefts. Members of the CCDTF and the Caroline County Sheriff's Department strongly urge citizens to play a part in the war against drugs by phoning in pertinent information to the CCDTF tips line at 410-479-8477 .

The 24-hour anonymous Drug Tip Hot Line is a mechanism for citizens to provide the Caroline County Drug Task Force with information relating to illicit drug use and distribution, as well as vice issues such as prostitution and gambling.

How does the Hot Line work?

When a citizen calls 410-479-8477, he or she will generally hear a taped message explaining that a detective is not presently available. However, speak as long as you like, explaining the activity in as much detail as you can. You do not have to provide your name, address, or telephone number. All information is kept strictly confidential.

What happens to the information I provide?

Information is "logged in" and cross-referenced, allowing detectives to determine if additional information related to the criminal activity about which you are calling has been reported in the past. Even "small" bits of information can at times provide detectives the "missing link" that allows them to take action. All information remains confidential, and within the Drug Task Force Unit.

What if I want to speak with a detective directly?

You can leave your name and telephone number on the tape, and a detective will call you as soon as possible. Again, your name will remain strictly confidential at all times.

What if I want to report a drug transaction that is happening right now?

If you witness a drug crime or any other crime that requires immediate police response: DIAL 9-1-1. A Sheriff's Office patrol unit will be dispatched to the area. Some times, Task Force Detectives will hear the dispatch and take direct action themselves.

How can I use the Anonymous Drug Tip Hot Line most effectively?
* Speak clearly and don't rush. Take your time leaving your message. Be as specific as possible in providing the following information:
Location of the incident: street address of building or house, names of nearest intersecting streets, landmarks near or at the scene
Description of persons involved: such as height, sex, age, weight, clothing, hair color, eye color, skin color, and any distinguishing marks
Description of vehicles involved: such as make, model, color, and license plate

Remember, this is an anonymous tip line. All information is kept strictly confidential, within the Caroline County Drug Task Force. Patrol Deputies have the ability to contact an on call drug investigator.

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