Uniform Patrol Division

The life of a patrol deputy is an exciting one--every day you are in a position to help citizens by responding to calls under a myriad of circumstances. Deputies patrol the County and respond to calls for service relayed through the Caroline County 911 Center.
The Uniform Patrol Division takes a proactive approach to law enforcement with emphasis on crime prevention. Patrol Deputies are assigned individual patrol zones consisting of a geographical area of the County. Deputies patrol known hot spots and conduct foot patrol in high crime areas. In order to ensure local business employees feel safe, Deputies conduct business checks to increase awareness that a police presence is nearby.

While patrolling the County, Deputies are on the lookout for violators of Maryland's traffic laws. Traffic law enforcement is important in preventing accidents causing physical injury or death. Deputies conduct numerous traffic/speed enforcement assignments, some of which may target an area specifically requested by local citizens, while others during general patrol.

Traffic stops are never routine. Because a Deputy does not know what he or she may encounter. Crimes often involve the suspect utilizing a vehicle to transport illegal drugs, guns, or stolen property. As this is often the suspect's most vulnerable moment, Deputies must exercise extreme caution.

The Caroline Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Division also handles the serving of Circuit and District court warrants. When a Deputy is assigned a newly issued court warrant, they conduct a short investigative background check of the listed subject. This effort ensures officer safety due to the fact that many wanted subjects make an effort not to be located or apprehended. Many of the warrants issued are for violent offenders who pose a threat not only to law enforcement personnel but citizens in general.

Deputies serve additional court orders such as orders of protection. These orders are usually the result of a domestic violence investigation and are issued from the court in an effort to protect a listed victim from harm.