Caroline Deputies Receive Maryland Sheriff's Association Awards

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Maryland Sheriff's AssociationThe Maryland Sheriff's Association has announced the winners of the Deputy of the Year awards for 2012. These awards are given annually to sheriffs' deputies who exhibit outstanding performance above and beyond the line of duty. A Deputy is nominated by their respective sheriff in a choice of six different categories. Nominees are then rated by an impartial awards committee using secret ballots. The winners are recognized in a special ceremony at the annual joint training conference every year.


koenigDeputy First Class Bradley S. Koenig

DFC Koenig was nominated based on his tireless efforts to keep the Caroline Sheriff's Office at the forefront of law enforcement technology. DFC Koenig has worked very hard with the Caroline County Technology Department over the last year to ensure that the CCSO works more efficiently and effectively through the use of technology. He is well versed in various criminal justice information systems to include E-TIX, CapWIN, Race Based Traffic Reporting Systems, and is the Liaison for the Linx CapWIN Connector Project in which the CCSO was the single agency in Maryland selected to partner with the Maryland State Police for a trial run of this up and coming system. In spite of the many hours DFC Koenig devotes to these projects, he excels as a member of the patrol division.



Sergant Jacob Andrew

Sergeant Jake Andrew was nominated for his bravery and calm in the face of certain danger when he struggled with a violent subject on a second story porch roof. At one point, the suspect nearly overpowered Sergeant Andrew by choking him violently. Sergeant Andrew's training and professionalism ultimately won out, leading to the suspect's capture and containment on the roof. Though the suspect continued to fight, Sergeant Andrew led efforts to remove him from the roof with the assistance of firefighters and medical personnel by strapping him to a medical backboard thereby preventing further injury to the suspect. During this incident, the suspect attempted to stab Sergeant Andrew with a shard of glass from a window that he jumped through to reach the roof. The suspect later chewed through a leather restraint strap while on the way to the hospital.